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10 April Fools Pranks For Teachers

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Every year on April 1st, students, teachers, and parents have a good time. All students participate in April Fool’s Day teacher pranks as a tradition. Pranks that are clean and fun can be entertaining for the entire class.

10 April Fools Pranks For Teachers

April Fool’s Day celebrated on April 1st, is a day to be silly and play practical jokes on our friends and even our classmates at school. Here are ten April Fool’s Day pranks for teachers that the students will enjoy and remember.

Classroom Ghost

Begin class normally, but gradually allow the computer to perform strange tasks. Look as if you’re taken aback by what’s going on.

Move away from the computer in the middle of your lesson (at a time you’ve both agreed on) to make it clear that you’re not using it – “This is the Ghost of Room 203 (your classroom number)!” your accomplice (the one who is remotely controlling the computer) writes in red in Paint. “Get the hell out of here!” Then there’s a video of children screaming! Once everyone has calmed down, it’s time to reveal the joke!

The Great Expectation

Warn the class a week before April Fools that you have a special surprise planned. Make a big deal about it a few days before April Fools’ Day. They’ll be expecting something big, so don’t disappoint them. It’s a huge bluff, and their expectations for the rest of the lesson will be enormous.

At the end of class, tell the class that it’s an April Fools joke. They’ll breathe a sigh of relief.

Impossible Assignment

Give students a task for which there is no correct answer. Adapt this to your student’s skill level.


Bring a change of clothes to school with you. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but it should stand out. Excuse yourself from class and change quickly to a nearby location.

When you re-enter the classroom, see how many students are able to notice the difference. You could even dress up as a popular character to make it even more entertaining for the students.

Teacher Swap

Change classrooms with a different teacher and teach their class as if it were your own.

Upside Down Chairs

Turn all of the chairs around. Explain to students that there is a new school rule requiring them to sit in chairs in this manner.

Missing Homework

The night before, give half of the class a simple homework assignment, such as drawing a smiley face or a dot. Explain to students that their performance on last night’s homework assignment will determine whether they advance to the next grade or receive any reward you choose.

Students who did not receive the assignment will be panicked, while those who did will be perplexed.

Donut Seeds

Give students O-shaped cereal and explain they are donut seeds. Tell students they must take it home and plant it so that it will grow into a donut.

Fake Drill

Students must practice a completely made-up drill. A fake flood drill is a common example. Students will remove their shoes, socks, and pants, then walk on tiptoes as if the classroom were flooded.

A sandstorm drill is another option. To avoid getting sand in their eyes, students must walk around the classroom with their eyes closed.

Schedule Mix-Up

Change up your classroom routine to add some variety. Don’t do things in the right order, and don’t teach the same lesson twice.

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