2023 Elections: “This Is The First Time I’m Witnessing A Real Election” – Mary Njoku Says

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Nollywood actress Mary Remmy Njoku is anxious over the general election taking place today, February 25th. According to the actress, she had witnessed a couple of elections over the years, however, the ongoing one is the real election she is witnessing for the first time.

Sharing this on her Instagram page, she wrote, “Can’t sleep. I am really anxious about tomorrow. Are you ready? I can’t believe that in over 30 years of my life, this is the first time I am witnessing a real election where the masses are using their personal resources to campaign for a better Nigeria. Hopeful.”

Check out her Instagram post, as we share it below:


As the eligible citizens are queuing at the poll to elect their president, senates, House of Representatives, and other governmental leaders, we join hands with the list of individuals who have been advocating for a violent free election, we urge all Nigerians to desist from any form of violence, during and after the election. We wish Nigeria a safe election


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