Even if my salary is GHS20,000 monthly, I will still leave Ghana to abroad – El Lizato

If you should interview 10 youths of Ghana now and ask them if they would want to travel abroad, I vehemently believe 9 out of them would tell you ‘YES’.

In fact if they should say VISA is free to countries such as Canada, UK, US, etc., Ghana would be empty as every one wants a country with better standard of living and jobs to do for a living.

Well, Ghanaian internet sensation, has concurred to this fact.

In a Facebook post, he said even if he’s paid GHS20,000 on a monthly basis, he will still travel outside the country.

He added that Ghana as a country should be for a family reunion where we can all meet every December, and not a place to live.

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Even if I am earning 20,000 cedis a month ,i will still leave Ghana. This country should be for family reunion every December ,not a place to live.”, he wrote in the post.

el lizato quotes
el lizato quotes

If it were you, would you leave the country even if you are paid as much as GHS20,000 monthly? Let us hear from you in the comment box below!

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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