3D Printable Lego: 10 Best Options

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3D printing has become an innovative and creative way to customize items such as toys, jewelry, and more. One of the most popular items to 3D print is Lego, which allows you to create unique designs with classic building blocks. For many years, Lego has been a popular toy for generations of kids, adults, and even professional architects. With the introduction of 3D printing technology, Lego enthusiasts now have access to a whole new realm of possibilities. 3D printable Lego can be used to create custom pieces, intricate models, and more.

In this article, we will look at the 10 best 3D printable Lego pieces currently available. From the classic brick to specialized plates, clips, and panel pieces, these options provide builders with an amazing array of options. We’ll also discuss the advantages of 3D-printed Lego and how it differs from traditional sets. So, whether you’re a budding Lego master or a veteran builder, this article will have something for everyone. Let’s get started!

1. Lego Classic Base Plate:

Lego Classic Base Plate: Image Source: amazon.in

Lego Classic Base Plates are flat pieces of Lego that are used to build upon. They come in various sizes, ranging from 4×4 to 32×32 studs, and several colors, including gray, green, blue, and red. The base plates are made of high-quality ABS plastic, making them durable and long-lasting. They are also great for creating a solid foundation for Lego creations or for displaying and storing your Lego creations. The base plates come with multiple features, such as textured surfaces and raised edges, designed to help Lego pieces stay in place. They can be used to build on any flat surface, or even on the sides of tables and walls.

Where you can download: lego.com


2. Lego Minifigure:

Lego Minifigure: Image Source: lego.com

Lego minifigures are small figures made out of Lego bricks. They come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. Each Minifigure has its unique look and style. Lego minifigures typically have a head, torso, arms, and legs. They also come with accessories such as wigs, hats, and weapons. These accessories help to make the minifigures look even more realistic. Minifigures can be used to build Lego sets or to play with in creative ways. They are also popularly used to create unique characters for stop-motion films. Lego minifigures have become collector’s items, with some rare minifigures sold for thousands of dollars.

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3. Lego Brick:

Lego bricks are a type of toy building block that has existed since 1949. They are made of plastic and come in different shapes and sizes. Lego bricks can be combined to create a virtually infinite number of creations, from models of buildings and cars to robots and sculptures. The bricks come in many colors and can be stacked or connected in various ways. Lego bricks are often used for educational purposes to help children learn about engineering and mathematics. Lego bricks can also be used for artistic purposes, as many artists have used them to create sculptures and other works of art.

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4. Lego Technic Parts:

Lego Technic Parts: Image Source: etsy.com

Lego Technic parts are specially designed building elements that allow for more advanced construction. These pieces are usually more complex than standard Lego bricks and often include features such as gears, axles, and motors that allow for movement. Technic pieces are generally larger than regular Lego elements and are often used to create more sophisticated models. Technic parts include parts for creating functioning cars, trucks, and aircraft. These pieces also include specialty parts such as shock absorbers, suspension systems, and steering components. With the Technic pieces, builders can create a wide range of vehicles and machines and even programmable robots.

Click the link to download: lego.com


5. Lego Slopes:

Lego Slopes: Image Source: tartrobotics.com

Lego Slopes are an essential part of the Lego building system. They are used to create smooth curved surfaces and shapes. They come in several sizes and shapes, including 1×1, 2×2, 2×4, and 4×4. They are usually made from a specialized plastic that is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Lego slopes can be used to create various structures, from simple ramps to more complex shapes. The slopes can also be used to create mounds and hills for added effect. By adding a few slopes, builders can develop a variety of terrain and landscapes.

Where you can download: wired.com

Price: US $0.01

6. Lego Wheels:

Lego Wheels: Image Source: youtube.com

Lego wheels are a vital part of any Lego creation. Lego wheels come in various sizes and colors, from small tires for tiny car models to large tires for larger vehicles. They are often made from rubber, though plastic versions are available. Lego wheels are often sold in sets or separately and come in different colors and types, such as studded, smooth, or spoked. The studded wheels provide greater traction and are often used for larger models. Smooth wheels are often used for smaller models, while spoked wheels are used for more intricate designs and larger vehicles. Lego wheels can be used to create a variety of imaginative and functional creations, from cars and train to sculptures and robots.

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7. Lego Hinges:

Lego Hinges: Image Source: thebrickblogger.com

Lego hinges are a type of building block that allows two or more pieces to rotate relative to each other. They are an important part of the Lego building system, allowing for more complex and intricate models to be built. Lego hinges come in two varieties. The first is the standard hinge, which consists of two parts connected by an axle. This type of hinge is usually used to build doors, windows, and other moving parts. The second type is the friction hinge, which uses friction to keep the parts in place. This type is used to build structures with moving parts, such as a car chassis or a crane.

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Price: $0.99 to $9.99. $4.95

8. Lego Plates:

Lego Plates: Image Source: ubuy.co.in

Lego plates are a set of building blocks used in the Lego construction system. They are rectangular and come in various sizes, from one stud wide to 32 stud wide. Lego plates have a flat bottom with round studs on the top, allowing other Lego pieces to be attached. The studs come in various colors, allowing for more creative building. Lego plates are used to create the base of Lego creations and can also be used to add extra support and stability to the product. They are a vital part of the Lego building system and can help bring the imagination to life.

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9. Lego Walls:

Lego Walls: Image Source: youtube.com

Lego Walls are a unique and exciting way to decorate a room. They are made from interlocking plastic bricks that are held together by special connecting pieces. Lego Walls can create various designs and shapes, from basic geometric patterns to more elaborate designs featuring characters, animals, and landscapes. They are an ideal way to add color and texture to a room, as well as provide an engaging and fun way to keep children entertained. Lego Walls are easy to construct and can be a great DIY project for the whole family to enjoy.

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Price: $100.

10. Lego Figurines:

Lego Figurines: Image Source: brickset.com

Lego figurines are small plastic figures that are used to build Lego sets. They vary in size, shape, and design and are usually composed of several pieces that can be easily combined to form a larger structure. Lego figurines can be used to create houses, castles, and even entire cities. They are often used in educational settings, as they are a great way to teach children about construction and engineering. Lego figurines can also be used to create fun scenes, such as a battle between two armies of Lego figures or a group of Lego characters going on an adventure.

3D Printable Lego using SelfCAD:

3D Printable Lego using SelfCAD: Image Source: selfcad.com

3D printing technology has revolutionized the way we play with Lego. Using SelfCAD, users can design and print custom Lego pieces that can be used to build and create unique structures. This 3D modeling software provides a user-friendly interface that allows even the most novice of users to design and print 3D Lego pieces. With a library of thousands of pieces, users can create almost anything imaginable.

SelfCAD also allows users to customize the size, shape, and color of their Legos, making it easier to build elaborate structures. 3D printing Lego with SelfCAD is a great way to bring out your creativity and build unique structures that stand out.


Enjoy Creative Freedom with 3D Printable Lego:

The ability to design and print Lego pieces at home using your 3D printer or in a maker space opens up new avenues for creativity and personalization. It eliminates the limitations of traditional Lego sets and encourages builders to think outside the box.

Furthermore, 3D printable Lego promotes sustainability by reducing waste. Builders can easily replace lost or broken pieces by simply printing them instead of purchasing new sets.

3D printable Lego offers a promising future for both young and adult builders alike. It combines the nostalgic charm of traditional Lego with cutting-edge technology, empowering individuals to bring their imaginative ideas to life.

With the 10 best options listed above, you can choose the right model to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon or a unique gift for a special someone, these 3D-printed Lego sets are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

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