4 Nigerian Celebrity Couples Who Split Up This Year (Photos)

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Let’s look at 4 Nigerian celebrity couples who split up this year…

Marriage is defined in various ways and by various institutions, depending on cultural, religious, and personal reasons.

A frequently accepted and all-encompassing definition of marriage is a formal union and social and legal compact between two individuals that legally, economically, and emotionally bind their lives. The contractual marriage agreement typically suggests that the couple has legal duties to each other for the rest of their lives or until they divorce.


Marriage has never been easy; however, some Nigerian celebrities have difficulty maintaining their relationships and marriages.

Here is a list of celebrities whose marriages and relationships will end in 2022.

Obidi, Korra

Obidi, Korra

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian-American-based dancer, and her husband, Dr Justin Dean, divorced in March 2022 after Justin announced on his Instagram page that he would be breaking things with Korra due to her persistent adultery.

Akindele Funke

Akindele Funke


Funke Akindele, an actress, made headlines last week after her marriage to JJC Skillz terminated.

JJC Skillz claimed that he tried everything he could to make his relationship with the actress work, but nothing seemed to work; therefore, he would leave.

On the other hand, Funke has yet to remark on why her marriage ended.

Adekoya Yewande

Adekoya Yewande

Yewande Adekoya, a Yoruba cinema actress, has joined the list of celebrities that divorced in 2022 following an unspecified argument with their ex-husband, who is also an actor. After her film colleagues’ efforts to resolve the conflict failed, she chose to quit the marriage.

Blessing Nkechi

Adekoya Yewande

Nkechi Blessing, a popular Yoruba movie actress, stunned many of her followers on social media when she announced her divorce from her spouse. She filed for divorce after revealing different occurrences between them that contributed to her choice to quit the marriage on social media.


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