It is not fair to be praising only Francisca Lamini & ignore the other 2 boys from KETASCO

A Ghanaian counsellor, Mr. Daniel Fenyi, has bemoaned the attitude of most Ghanaians where they praise females than males.

His ‘cry’ is coming after has been accorded with a lot of praises from the general public following her performance at the National Science and Maths Quiz 2021.

Clearly, she wasn’t the only one who represented her school — KETASCO. There was Bright Senyo Gadzo and James Lutterodt who also did well but they seem not to be enjoying the praises and gifts at all.

Mr Daniel Fenyi taking to his Facebook wall has detailed why he thinks this is unfair:

Read his words below:

1. KETASCO, represented by BRIGHT Senyo Gadzo, FRANCISCA Lamini and JAMES Lutterodt, etched their school in the archives of the NSMQ as the first from the Volta Region to have reached the final stage of the competition and placed a “glorious” third. CONGRATS to them.

2. I recall how, during the contest, the trio consistently worked together as a TEAM. Even these “kids”, as SENSIBLE as they are, worked religiously as one family (no male, no female). In fact, we, the adults, continuously kept reminding and encouraging them to work as a TEAM.

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3. Sadly, however, how a section of Ghanaians have singled out only FRANCISCA and are praising her, sharing and posting her pictures on social media and in fact, donating money to ONLY HER should baffle every right thinking person. So were we interested in individual capabilities more than the TEAM SPIRIT all this while? How did we even arrive at that? Is this part time of the gender, feminism thing? Wow

4. Just imagine you are Bright or James and have worked together with Francisca as a team to win a competition but everybody is praising only Francisca, how will you feel? Those perpetuating this act are not only insensitive, but also not sensible koraa. If we, the adults, have our own gender issues to battle with, why do we impose it on these innocent kids, who probably do not understand anything about this gender thing or do not care about it? Imagine you are the parents of the boys, or you are someone who has admired their TEAM-SPIRIT all the while, just see how we have stupidly rubbished the team concept.

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7. Anytime you praise, share, or congratulate only Francisca, beware that;
a. You have told the boys, and all young males, to ensure and insist on male dominance. You are only encouraging the boys (who’ll grow to become men) to be assertive and not give the woman a chance. Because, a woman’s contribution to a team can outshine everyone’s effort, not necessarily on merit, but just because of their gender. Those praising only Francisca, your ignorance is only encouraging patriarchy and the need for men to rise and dominate else their shine be taken from them merely on gender basis.

b. You have also told Francisca, and ladies generally that, they are an inferior gender. They are not expected to come close to the male gender in intelligence hence anytime they show signs of intelligence, they deserve a ‘national’ attention. Do you know why we are all praising KETASCO even though they placed third? It’s because they are “inferior” to PREMPEH and PRESEC. Same principle we are imposing on Francisca. We are praising her because subconsciously we feel she’s “inferior” to her male colleagues- Bright and James. We are not praising the guys because we think as “guys/males” their “intelligence” is “normal”.

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8. If we indeed want gender equality, can we normalise female achievement too? Can we normalise female intelligence too? Just as we think a male Engineer, Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant is “normal”, can we normalise same for the woman? What is all this Francisca thing about, I thought she’s supposed to be a “normal” human being anaa is she a sub-human who has made a “human” achievement?

9. On this note, the “Women Commissioner” slot in the SRC portfolios of our tertiary institutions should be scrapped. It’s supposed to be “Gender Commissioner”.

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