Boyfriend infects faithful girlfriend with HIV after cheating with multiple women unknown to her

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This is a very sad story of a young woman who trusted her boyfriend with all her heart, but unknown to her, he was sleeping with multiple women behind her back.

So this guy to the best of his girlfriend’s knowledge is one innocent person who appears loyal. The lady in turn also stayed faithful to him in their 2 years+ period of dating.

There and then, the lady started experiencing some sores in her mouth, which she attributed to COVID-19. But upon getting to the hospital, an HIV test was carried out, and it came out positive.

The guy was also ‘forced’ to take the test and he was positive too. Only for him to now confess that he has been having affairs with several other ladies.

This story was shared by one Capytan on Snapchat.

Read below:

I am deeply saddened this morning, people are just too wicked and selfish, we have to be careful who we give our all , time and worth to because people are full of trash .

A friend has dated this guy she met for over two years and some months She has been loyal and been there for this guy through thick and thin , I never had anything against the guy because he looks very calm and gentle, unknown to us he is a wolf in sheeps clothing . My friend had some sores in her mouth and throat

She had treated it for some days but there was no improvement and she even attributed it to Covid , she went to the hospital and series of test where done but nothing popped up , the doctor then suggested she does an HIV test and it came out positive She was broken and wondered how she contracted it since she hasn’t been with anyone since she met her boyfriend and was so sure her boyfriend was faithful, the doctor advised he does the test too and his came out positive too. That’s when he admitted

To cheating on her with multiple women , her life has just been ruined just because of some few minutes of pleasure. That’s how wicked people are these days let’s be careful who we trust . You are on my snap and I know you will read this.

For what you done to my friend may you die a lonely and painful death , you are a heartless and wicked guy and may you not know peace. You have just ruined a beautiful and genuine person life

Boyfriend infects faithful girlfriend with HIV after cheating with multiple women unknown to her

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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