Ladies who wear lipsticks, artificial nail will not make heaven – Evangelist

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We all don’t know where heaven is. No one has ever gone there and come back to show us a video clip of how it looks like.

Our idea of how Heaven, is just the images we have created in our heads as a result of what we were taught at church or what we read in the Bible.

However, some Christians talk as if they have the key to heaven and can even determine who can or cannot make it into the Silver City.

Well, an Evangelist on Facebook has come out to state that some category of women would not make heaven. According to him, women who put on artificial stuff such as makeups, artificial nails, lipsticks, just to mention a few, would miss heaven.

Read his comments below:

About LADIES Dressing , please i want to preach a little to you on outward holiness concerning your dressing. Please the Lord has revealed to many people that makeups including lipsticks ,artificial nails etc are all sin against him and many women are not able to make heaven because of that.read Jere 4:30 .

even 2 kings 9:30 makes us to know that Jezebel was the first to bring this makeup to the world.Aside makeup the Lord has also revealed that Jewelleries including earings,wearing of trousers by ladies,wearing of tight and underwear knickers are all sin and most ladies have already made it to hell because they didn’t know.please you are a sister to me.

Even the Lord has revealed that wedding rings are part of the Jewelleries he is talking about .1 Peter 3:3,Isaiah 3:16-23 and 1 tim 2:9 talks about the Jewelleries and also weavon , or adding artificial hair is a sin my good sister. Some women also dye their hair which is also a sin, and others plait with their natural hair which is also a sin as revealed by the Lord.

when you read the 1 Peter 3:3kjv u will see it there , also Permed hair is a sin the Lord as revealed to his children says he doesn’t want them to change what he gave to them. When you read Gen 1:31 the bible says the Lord saw all he creared and it was good.

Heb 12:14 says without holiness no man shall see God and 1 corin 3:16 says our bodies are the temple of God.so a Lady shouldn’t wear things that will expose their body. So please try and go by it ok may God bless and strengthen you .Heaven our Ultimate.

Ladies who wear lipsticks, artificial nail will not make heaven - Evangelist

Ladies who wear lipsticks, artificial nail will not make heaven - Evangelist

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