7 Innovations That Make the Indian Premier League Entertaining to Watch

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The IPL has taken the nation by storm for yet another year in a row. More importantly, it has brought the game of cricket to a whole new level. If you ask someone what the IPL is, you will hear, “It’s India’s domestic T20 cricket tournament.” Indeed, IPL is the ideal combination of beauty, pleasure, and entertainment, providing a comprehensive package for cricket and Bollywood enthusiasts in India. Without a sure, the IPL is a huge success, where cricket brings Indians together like nothing else, in addition to being a sport featured in the list of top app casino games. However, we should admit that there are some differences between the T20 and IPL matches. And we will shed some light on them further in this post.

#1 — Cheerleaders

First of all, there are cheerleaders in the IPL. Cheerleading is mostly a US thing that involves jumping, dancing, songs, jumps, and stunts to get people to cheer. The dancers in the IPL were also brought in from the US. They dress in “attractive” clothes and are just as interesting to watch in the stadium as the game itself.

#2 — Time Outs

The IPL moved to South Africa in 2009, and to make up for the lost money, Lalit Modi added a seven-and-a-half-minute break after every 10 overs of each game so that more ads could be shown during the short time that T20 gives marketers. Obviously, he called it the strategy break so that teams could come up with a new plan. Since 2010, the IPL has changed the idea to include two five-minute timeouts in each game.

#3 — Sponsored Commentary

Commentary used to be a dull job where people just reported on what happened in the game. Commentators had to call a six a “DLF Maximum,” a catch a “Karbonn Kamaal Catch,” any impressive moment a “Citi Moment of Success,” and so on. This was required by the IPL. There might be a “XYZ Special Wicket” or an “ABC Amazing run-out” in the future too. It can go as far as your mind can think. It looks like promotion is always needed more.

#4 — Microphones

The placement of cameras and mics in interesting ways has made cricket more entertaining to watch. For the first time, the referees are part of the game in the IPL. At the start of the game, the umpires are connected to the stadium DJ, so instead of just saying “Play,” he asks the batter, “Are you ready? Are you all set, bowler? You can hear and cheer,” from everyone in the stadium and on TV.

During the game, the judges and players are connected to the announcers through wires. They can talk to the commentators and interact with them through chats, which can be funny. Like when the announcers made fun of the player about the 40-degree stadium or the last ball they dropped while fielding. The ICC may be a serious cricket league, but the IPL is all about having fun. And you can get the max out of the game if you do the best IPL betting in India on trusted sites.

#5 — Cameras

The overhead moving camera view in 2009 and the cameras on the “MRF” blimp in 2010 were different ways of putting cameras that gave fans new ways to see their favorite players on TV and on many big screens inside the stadium.

#6 — IPL Nights

IPL Nights are big parties that happen after the game. You may have seen these in newspapers or on TV. This kind of party goes on until early in the morning and has everything from fashion shows to music to alcohol. After the game, there are cricket players, team owners, businesspeople, models, and Bollywood stars — all having fun and resting. You can watch the game from the best spot in the field with a Rs 40,000/- ticket that gives you special access to these parties.

#7 — YouTube’s Fun Feed

YouTube streams IPL games live, and there is a second feed called the “Fun Feed” that is different from the regular TV feed. From a pleasure point of view, this is basically a live broadcast of the game. This feed for the IPL is hosted by a former Miss Universe and has talks with Team Owners, Celebrities, Cheerleaders, Players, and Fans about the match. The match itself is shown from a number of interesting views. In short, the entertainment going on in the stadium is more important than the cricket itself.

The IPL Has a Lot of Interesting to Offer

As you can see, the Indian Premier League has a lot of interesting things to offer. Cheerleaders, IPL nights, and YouTube’s Fun feed — all these will hardly let you get bored.

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