80s Artist Died Of AIDS

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This page is about AIDS-related deaths among artists. Discover prior famous people who had AIDS by reading on.

Keith Haring

American artist and social campaigner Keith Haring. He played a significant part in the acceptance of graffiti art. The fundamentals of drawing were taught to him by his cartoonist father. Pittsburgh Art and Craft Center had its first solo art exhibition.
Having suffered from AIDS, he spent time later in his life raising awareness of the disease.

Rock Hudson

Actor Rock Hudson, 59, becomes the first well-known American celebrity to pass away from AIDS-related illnesses on October 2, 1985. After Hudson passed away, the disease, which many in the mainstream had dismissed as a “gay plague,” became more widely known.

Freddie Mercury

British singer-songwriter Freddie Mercury was the frontman for the rock group Queen. His colorful demeanor and vocal range distinguished his performances.

Mercury passed away at the age of 45 on November 24, 1991, from bronchial pneumonia brought on by AIDS.


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