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’90 Day Fiancé’: Emily Buys Her Own Engagement Ring Without Telling Kobe

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Emily doesn’t trust Kobe’s wedding band shopping capacity. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Emily took a stab at wedding dresses and uncovered she very got her own wedding band without telling her life partner.

Emily’s folks haven’t completely been behind Emily and Kobe getting hitched since the couple isn’t monetarily stable and have been contending since they generally live respectively.

On Sunday’s episode, Emily’s mother, Lisa, told the cameras she was restless about the wedding since she felt Emily actually made them develop “up to do” however that Emily in every case simply does anything she desires.

While taking a stab at wedding dresses, Emily noticed that she actually had the ring Kobe proposed to her with, which he paid off the road in China where they met, however, she needed “a decent ring.”

“It’s not just about the ring, I simply need a ring,” she let her family know when Lisa told her a wedding ought not be about her wedding band. “I’m indicating him to go gander at rings … or then again telling him.”

Emily said she didn’t feel she was “high-support,” yet rather, she understands what she prefers and needs nothing, not exactly that.

Afterward, to the shock of her family, Emily uncovered she previously got herself a one-carat wedding band with her own cash and brought it out to show them.

“I, as, need to wear this ring everlastingly, so I, similar to, need it to be something that I love,” she told cameras. “Dislike I don’t have confidence in Kobe however I likewise don’t have any desire to come down on him. Along these lines, in my eyes, in the event that he can’t bear the cost of it, on the off chance that he can’t get one, then I’ll get myself one.”

Emily told her family it was a “back-up ring,” and that she would “suck it up” on the off chance that Kobe wound up getting her a ring she could have done without so much.

Yet, obviously, her family wasn’t steady of the choice and noticed that it had neither rhyme nor reason given how tight a financial plan she and Kobe were on and that Emily simply cared about “control.” In a review of the following week’s episode, it seems Emily’s move misfired on her as Kobe is seen ring shopping and taking note of that he’s spending a fourth of the cash he brought to America on it. At the point when Kobe presents the ring to her in a champagne glass, Emily notes, “I’m feeling truly remorseful now that I purchased my own ring.”

In a past episode this season, Kobe said Emily was significantly more controlling than she was in China and didn’t have the foggiest idea how to manage her conversing with him with a specific goal in mind that isn’t normal in his nation of origin of Cameroon.

“Emily’s conversing with me as though she’s controlling or directing me like she’s my chief, I don’t have the foggiest idea why she was there, you know?” he told cameras, baffled when Emily pestered at him before her mom. “In some cases, I simply feel like she is attempting to make her family realize that she is in control of me however I’m becoming annoyed.”

“I love her and I realize she cherishes me and I need to wed her, be that as it may, there are occasions such as, she would rather not think about me, which, in the event that we need to get hitched, man, she needs to pay attention to me,” he added.

“Since I question on the off chance that she continues going this way, this thing of a marriage is in any event, going to work.”

ET talked with Emily and Kobe about their excursion on this time of 90 Day Fiancé and how he’s been acclimating to life in Kansas. Watch the video beneath for more.

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