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’90 Day Fiancé’: Mohamed Says He Won’t Marry Yve Unless She Acts And Dresses More Conservatively

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Mohamed and Yve are conflicting over his assumptions about her given his Muslim confidence. On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Mohamed met Yve’s companions, which turned out deplorable and prompted an enormous battle between Yve and Mohamed about how she’s supposed to act now that the two live respectively in her home in New Mexico.


Mohamed is 25 years of age and started a relationship with 48-year-old Yve when he slid into her DMs. His transition to America from Egypt hasn’t gone without a hitch, as Yve has been placed off by Mohamed’s demands.


She recently lashed out when he told her that she was unable to be in a similar room with another man alone, and he was vexed that he was supposed to do things like cook breakfast for himself while she worked.

On Sunday’s episode, Mohamed told Yve she really wanted a more drawn-out coat to go out to supper with him and his companions since he could see her clothing through her dress.


Afterward, he conflicted with her companions when they interrogated him concerning his conservativeness. Mohamed let the cameras know that he thought her companions were “peculiar.”

“I feel that they are attempting to perceive how I will respond on the grounds that I’m Muslim, so they, deliberately, show a greater amount of their boobs and I don’t have to see that,” he said.


The supper discussion took an awkward turn when her companions inquired as to whether he watched pornography since Yve was his most memorable kiss and they were interested in how he knew what to do. Mohamed didn’t reply yet advised cameras that he would have rather not been there and was just enduring them since he would have rather not gotten Yve disturbed.


However, later, Yve called him out before her companions and said Mohamed was being controlled about her outfit before they went out.

At the point when Yve’s companions communicated concern, he gruffly let them know that he won’t alter his perspective on how he felt Yve ought to act.

“I’m exceptionally inquisitive about why you are making a decision about me,” he told them. “You can’t conceal it, as a matter of fact. I see it in your eyes, everything.”


“They have their boobs hanging out and they don’t believe that anybody should pass judgment on them,” he added to the cameras. “Yet, they were passing judgment on me the whole time. Also, that is showing the way in which moronic they are, you know?”


Coming back from supper, Mohamed and Yve got into a warmed contention. Mohamed said he regarded Yve and their social distinctions, however her companions didn’t do likewise. He likewise said he was disheartened in Yve since she enlightened her companions regarding his remarks about her dress when he looked at that as a confidential second.


The two then conflicted in light of the fact that Mohamed demanded that Yve recently said she would change herself for him however she denied it and said it was “bulls**t.” They quarreled about a past battle they had, when Mohamed lashed out that Yve wore a swimsuit rather than a one-piece swimming outfit.


“I’m tired of myself being judged, as well,” she furiously told him. “Like, I couldn’t put on a dress that I believe is pleasant without you giving me trouble.”

Mohamed answered, “You can dress anyway you need, drink wine or whatever, yet don’t get hitched. Is it true or not that you will pick a swimsuit over me?”


“If she have any desire to follow her companions and how they are dressed, I won’t follow that,” he additionally told cameras. “Since, assuming she does, I will travel to Egypt before the 90 days end.”

Yve let cameras know that she was not a Muslim lady and didn’t have any desire to be determined what to do.


“I don’t feel that I go out looking skanky or any such thing,” she said, getting profound. “I’m pleased with the manner in which I look and I don’t believe that I ought to feel judged or embarrassed for that, and I could do without to feel like that from the individual that apparently cherishes me. I won’t carry on with my life being controlled and feeling like I’m a terrible individual for simply being who I am. However much I love him, I will not get hitched on the off chance that we can’t sort this out.”

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