“90% Of Afrobeat Artists Don’t Have Substance In Their Music” – Burna Boy Spills

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Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning musician, argues that the majority of Afrobeat musicians’ work lacks depth.

In an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, Burna Boy stated that most Afrobeat singers lack life experiences, which makes their music lifeless.

He thinks that human experience should be incorporated into music. “Exciting and entertaining music without any life experiences,” was how he described Afrobeat music.

Burna Boy

Burna Boy depicted musicians as having their own highs and lows in life, as well as good days, bad days, and challenging times that accompany the making of music.

In other news, Lucy, one of Big Brother’s house guests, has requested a voluntary exit two days into the show.

Lucy’s request follows an altercation with fellow tenant Kim Oprah.

Lucy and Biggie discussed her quarrel with Kim Oprah during the diary session.

She stated that when they were supposed to separate into groups earlier in the day for the wager job, Kim misunderstood how the HOH wanted the groups to be handled.

The happiness coach had recommended everyone to form groups, and Lucy continued by saying she told Kim but treated her disrespectfully.


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