What Happened Between Sasha Walpole And Prince Harry?

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Sasha Walpole, who is said to have had an intimate encounter with Harry in the muddy field, has spoken out about it, claiming the Duke should have forewarned her before disclosing details in his autobiography “Spare”.

The 40-year-old admitted it was “surreal” to have finally been exposed and that “panic” set in, driving her to seek legal counsel. She learned about the “inglorious experience” via a WhatsApp message from a friend.

Harry appears to have been threatened with legal action by Walpole for disclosing the specifics of that incident in his book without first telling or alerting her. The Duke, though, has remained silent and hasn’t said anything in response to the woman’s allegations.

“I don’t know why he went into such depth,” she remarked. He could have simply stated that he had lost his virginity. However, he explained where it occurred: in a field behind a bar.

What Happened Between Sasha Walpole And Prince Harry?

Sasha Walpole claims she broke Harry’s virginity, and she is the woman Harry wrote about. At the time of her claimed royal deflowering, Sasha was a royal groom at Highgrove, the residence of the then-Prince Charles.

Although she was officially a “older lady” when the chapter in Spare was written, she is now 40 and is only two years older than Harry. As a result, she is actually more comparable to him in age than you may have thought.


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