A Dangerous Street Trade by People and Places Africa

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Street hawking is a trading format where traders display their goods and services to road users and take advantage of a traffic jam to peddle their ware.

These goods and services are displayed on their heads, or in their hands. Street hawking is not just a Ghanaian thing, but it occurs in other developing countries.

The hawkers are usually seen standing along the roads waiting for the red signal of the traffic light, their cue, to begin a business, selling to both drivers and passengers.

Pedestrians are not left out. If there is a road user who needs something, they will get it.

Transactions need to be done quickly before the traffic light turns green again signifying the end of the transaction Street hawking is an important part of many urban informal economies on the continent.

Despite the enormous economic benefits and the employment opportunities of street vending or Hawking, several bye-laws have been made by some of the larger metropolitan assemblies against street hawking in the country making it illegal.

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