A Lot Of You Suffer So Much Because You Are Too Uptight – Blessing Okoro

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Self-acclaimed Nigerian relationship expert, Blessing Okoro has said that a lot of people are suffering in life for no good reason because they are too uptight and too serious.

Taking to her Instagram account, Blessing Okoro explained that most people are suffering more than they should because they have refused to loosen up and enjoy life.

“A lot of you suffer so much because you are too uptight, over-serious, mature one kee many of you, you have lost the beautiful part of life to be a baby sometimes and free yourself. Glad you can watch me do a lot of things you wish you could do. Life is not that deep loosen up abeg ❤️”




She added that her dream is to make sure her fans and critics are able to express themselves through emotions so they do not get depressed citing that depression only comes in when one is unable to express themselves.

“Love you all… The dream is to make u smile, talk, laugh, cry, angry, and happy. The dram is to help you express yourselves. Depression is lack of expression…”

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