A Split But Lit Saturday Night Party – BBNaija

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All of the Level Up Housemates gathered in Biggie’s House for the final Saturday Night Party, as is customary in Big Brother Naija. To commemorate Nigeria’s Independence Day, all of the Housemates dressed in traditional regalia. While the Top Six were preparing for the party, the Evicted Housemates were already partying in the Arena, including Beauty, who was disqualified. The color green was prominent in the majority of the Housemates’ outfits.

The former Housemates looked amazing, and the Top Six’s excitement was palpable as they entered the Arena to party. Their excitement quickly faded when they were unable to contact their former colleagues. The Arena was divided by stanchion ropes, which are typically used to identify VIP sections in clubs. It was unclear, however, who was VIP and who was not.

As usual, 22 former Housemates set fire to their side of the dance floor. As usual, the usual suspects who were always the life of the party showed up. Chomzy’s waist was the most active, while Hermes’ energy level was consistently high.

Bella, Chichi, and Phyna all stood back and watched their base (Deji, Groovy, and Sheggz) party. That didn’t stop them from having a good time at the final Level Up party. The ladies danced close to the ropes, staring directly at the former Housemates, who took turns partying by the stanchion ropes, albeit at a distance, close to the Top Six. Phyna attempted to communicate with Groovy, but he indicated that he couldn’t hear her and returned to dancing.

Ilebaye, as usual, made sure that everyone had alcohol in their systems, but Khalid was content with his water bottle, and Beauty avoided beverages. Live performances, including a live band, were provided for the Housemates.


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