Abroad Is Not For The Faint-hearted – TBoss Shades Netizens Planning To Japa

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In recent days People who have relocated to the western world often take to social media to give updates and comparisons between life at home and in the diaspora. While many discourage those at home not to relocate (using the term Japa), others advise on the steps to take before relocating.

This has become a trend that many Netizens, especially, at home, have condemned. Sharing her opinion on the Japa syndrome that has engulfed most Netizens, Tokumbor Idowu, mostly known as TBoss of BBNaija 2917 See Gobbe, noted that abroad is not for the faint-hearted and advised that those planning to Japa listen to them.

Sharing her opinion she wrote: “All your friends who have “japa-ed” and have turned Abroad Specialists & constantly giving y’all ‘Updates’, Listen to them. If you like don’t. Na you sabi. Abroad is not for the faint of heart.

Nigerians/Africans- we’re truly spoilt. You think you will have a ‘house girl’ to baff your child or give you egusi and pounded yam at the end of a really tough day?

I laugh in Eskimo language. Think am well before you buy that ticket or sell off your properties. And arrange your monies- for jacket, gloves, shawl, boots, cap and then everything else cos when that Freezing breeze slap you, you go dey beg for that heat wey almost melt your face the other day.”


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