Accept Polygamy And Stop This Hypocrisy – Lisar Kanu Tells Nigerians

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Fast-rising Nollywood actress cum R&B singer, Lisar Kanu has opined that it is about time women accept polygamy rather than being hypocrites adding that polygamy has come to stay irrespective of what anyone thinks.


According to Lisar most women do not want to hear the word polygamy though it has always been around from day one.


“I have come here today to say what most of our women don’t like to hear, what most of our ladies despise to hear…The women don’t believe in a polygamous families.

What do they believe in; one man one wife, one man one woman…Why is it difficult for our ladies to accept polygamy that is here already; polygamy has come to stay and nobody is going to erase it…”


She added that monogamy is just a theory that is nearly impossible in reality. According to her, a man who is claiming to practice monogamy will marry a wife but still keep about 5 side chicks outside his marriage including baby mamas.


“Theoretically, one man one wife is possible but practically one man one wife is not seen anywhere. One man one wife is not existing that is the fact that you should know. It is either one man 2 or 3,4,5 side chicks, one man one illegal wife somewhere that you don’t know…”


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