Actor Alec Baldwin Could Still Face Charges In Rust Shooting – Prosecutors Say

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If forensic examinations find that the pistol used in the deadly shooting on the Rust set did not malfunction, American actor Alec Baldwin may still be charged, according to New Mexico authorities.

Santa Fe County prosecutors stated in a recent court filing that they will determine whether to bring fresh charges within the next 60 days after submitting the firearm that fired the fatal round for further testing.

Baldwin, 65 was carrying the Colt.45 Peacemaker handgun as a prop when it accidentally fired on the set of Baldwin’s Western movie in October 2021, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

The actor had been charged with involuntary manslaughter, but the case was withdrawn in April because prosecutors said fresh information revealed the revolver’s hammer had been altered, raising concerns about whether the gun could fire without a trigger pull.

Baldwin said he didn’t pull the trigger, but an earlier FBI examination of the pistol revealed it wouldn’t fire without the trigger being pressed.

The’sear’ of the weapon, which retains the hammer in a cocked position until the trigger is pressed, was allegedly destroyed during testing by the FBI, according to New Mexico’s state prosecutors. They think the hammer could have been altered as well.

In order to determine how the hammer was modified, where the alteration came from, and what effects it may have on the operation of the handgun, the prosecution says more testing by the state’s independent expert is necessary.

‘If it is determined that the gun did not malfunction, charges against Mr. Baldwin will proceed,’ prosecutors wrote in a court filing on Friday in the case of Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez Reed, who remains charged with involuntary manslaughter in the case.

‘The prosecution anticipates making a final charging decision with regard to Mr. Baldwin within the next sixty days,’ added the motion from special prosecutors Kari Morrisey and Jason Lewis.

On Thursday night, contacted Baldwin’s lawyer for comment, but they did not react right enough.

Unrelated to the case, Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Miguel Custodio slammed prosecutors for publicly publicizing the prospect of further charges, calling it “yet another mistake” in a case full of unintentional mistakes.

‘They created an unnecessary deadline for themselves by announcing they would decide on charging Alec Baldwin within 60 days,’ Custodio said in remarks to

‘They didn’t have to say anything, but now they have to make a public decision by mid-August or they’ll wind up adding to the impression that the case is progressing in chaos mode, just as the Rust set was. It’s full-on dysfunction,’ he added.

Baldwin was initially accused with two charges of involuntary manslaughter, one of which included a weapons enhancement that could have increased any sentence to include additional years in jail if found guilty.

The increased charge, however, was later dismissed after it was discovered that prosecutors had brought it under a legislation that had not yet been passed when the incident occurred.

Following fresh information on the deadly gun, the remaining charge was dismissed in April, which increased the image of disorder.

The evidence appeared to relate to alterations made to the replica long Colt.45 revolver Baldwin was holding at the time.

‘The modification appears to be related to the notches on the internal portion of the hammer for full cock, half cock, and quarter cock positions,’ prosecutors said in court documents.

‘It appears that these notches may have been partially removed or ground down so that they are less prominent.’

Only Gutierrez-Reed, who handled the firearm in the movie, is now accused in connection with Hutchins’ passing. To involuntary manslaughter, she has entered a not guilty plea.

While the state of the pistol has important significance for the allegations against Baldwin, according to the prosecutors Morrisey and Lewis, such is not the case for Gutierrez-Reed.

According to Gutierrez-Reed, when she put the live cartridge in Baldwin’s pistol, she mistakenly believed it to be a practice round.

She never owned or had access to live ammunition, according to her attorney, and she had no part in bringing a real bullet to the set.

The notion that Gutierrez-Reed inserted the live bullet had “some evidence,” according to the prosecution, who cited four expended shell casings in her gun kit bag that appear to match live rounds discovered on the New Mexico set.

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