Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger Admits He Still Loves Ex-Wife Maria Shriver After His Affair Was Exposed

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In a recent candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted that while he still loves his ex-wife Maria Shriver, he doesn’t miss being married to her.

The American politician and actor, 75, ended his marriage to journalist Shriver, 67, in 2011 after it became public knowledge that he had fathered Joseph Baena, now 25 years old, with Mildred Baena, a housekeeper.

After settling their divorce in 2021, the couple established a solid co-parenting arrangement for the benefit of their four children.


Asked if he missed being married, the famous actor in Hollywood replied, “No. At first, [the divorce] was incredibly challenging. You eventually move on. My wonderful and successful girlfriend Heather Milligan is a physical therapist. She has made me very happy, and I adore her.

‘He continued, “At the same time, I love my wife.” He went on to express his unwavering admiration for his former wife of 25 years. She and I have a close friendship and are very proud of how we raised our children. Despite this drama, we celebrated Easter, Mother’s Day, all of the Christmases, all of the birthdays, and everything else together.

If there were an Oscar for divorce handling, Maria and I would win for having the least negative effects on the children. You can thank my wife for the kindness and sweetness you see in them. I’m responsible for the work ethic and discipline.

In addition, the celebrity said he works out every day in addition to his demanding acting schedule and has no plans to retire, saying he intends to “stay on this side of the grass” and “live forever.”

Nearly nine years after they first met, Shriver and Schwarzenegger got married in 1986. Their divorce was finally finalized in 2021 after they separated in 2011.

Just a few days after Shriver gave birth to the couple’s fourth child, Christopher, Joseph Baena was born on October 2, 1997. There was no prenuptial agreement between the couple, but at the time, TMZ reported that “they both quickly agreed on joint custody” and that “there was never any real custody beef.” At the time of their divorce, they had an estimated $400 million in assets.


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