Actor Itele Predicted To Succeed As The Future Box Office King.

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Ibrahim Yekini, also known as Itele, is a Nollywood actor and producer who is headed to the top of the box office.

The gifted role interpreter described collaborating with Funke And Femi in a recent announcement on his Instagram page.

Itele is releasing his film, KESARI, in theaters, following in the footsteps of Funke Akindele and Femi Adebayo.

His acting skills were improved by working with Funke on Omo Ghetto The Saga, which involved him in the creation of the steers Lamba and the development of Ghetto speech.

He admitted that performing in both Funke Akindele’s Omo Ghetto and Agesinkole, starring Femi Adebayo, presented him with very distinct challenges.

The image was accompanied by a message about how one can develop personally if they are willing to participate in the successes of others.

Actor Itele Predicted To Succeed As The Future Box Office King.

“By making yourself available to participate in other people’s successful endeavors, you are also setting yourself up for greater greatness. The trick is to learn from other people’s reality and develop as a result.

I have recently participated in a number of productions. That @funkejenifaakindele Omo Ghetto The Saga, I can state with assurance.

I worked with Funke Akindele on the creation of relevant streets Lamba for Omo Ghetto The Saga, which led to my participation in the screenplay at the same time.

On the other hand, AGESINKOLE helped me strengthen my acting skills for the big screen and was a crucial part of the narrative development process.

All of these experiences have helped to mold and better prepare me for what you will experience in KESARI. Soon will be seen in theaters.


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