Actor Olaiya Igwe Goes Barefoot To Pray For Tinubu.

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Olaiya Igwe, a Nollywood actor, has caused quite a stir online by going unclothed on social media. The actor posted a video of himself naked, praying for the victory of APC Presidential Candidate Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Olaiya stated in his caption that it is his delight to support a candidate who accurately represents our values and highest ideals.

He seriously thinks that BAT is the best candidate to protect our dreams and fight hard to keep Nigeria’s promise for the next generation.

“It gives me great pleasure to support a candidate who embodies our highest values and ideals.” There is one candidate in this election who will fight to keep that dream alive. One leader who will fight to keep Nigeria’s promise for the next generation. And it is for this reason that we must rise up and elect ASIWAJU BOLA AHMED TINUBU JAGABAN as Nigeria’s next president.”

Nigerians expressed their dissatisfaction with him in the comments section.

“You said Tinubu’s votes should be like the Atlantic Ocean, if not more,” How many Nigerians are there? Isn’t it 200 million people? The total global population is 8 billion people. Isn’t the Atlantic Ocean larger than the entire world? So how will Tinubu’s votes be distributed now that he has more votes than the entire world population? Because of stomach infrastructure, a ma was daran bai o olorun. one Family Doctor wrote.

“Haaaaaaaaa see what poverty has done to our elders has olorun jo yo was ninu Oko eru oo, you need medical checkup sir,” one Kafila Murital wrote.

“Someone should please verify on Olaiya Igwe,” This man is insane!!! Lanle Hintobo wrote.

“How much did they offer you?” Are your children proud of what you’re doing? Simply because of money. one Mr White wrote.

“Despite this fuel scarcity…. Person still wants us to follow apc,” one Olatinumtoks wrote.


Lori gan ni elo

“Nah, his wife gave him money for surgery when no one came through for him,” Allow him to express his gratitude in the way that he feels most comfortable. Rex McCarthy wrote.

Actor Olaiya Igwe Goes Barefoot To Pray For Tinubu.


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