Actress Laide Bakare Stirs Reactions As She Reveals What She Wants For Her 13-year-old Daughter

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Laide Bakare, a Yoruba who works in Nollywood, has stated her wishes for her daughter Similoluwa Bakare, who is 13 years old.

The contentious mother of three posted a video of herself and her daughter Simi dancing wildly on her Instagram verified profile.

In her caption, Laide Bakare specifies what she desires most for her kid.

Laide Bakare said she wants her kid to learn how to laugh and not take life too seriously because she wants her to have a life full of good vibes and good living.

FEMALE Friendships are Rapidly Growing @simlineboss, she posted on Instagram. Sometimes, daughters can be taken too seriously. She may outgrow my laps, but surely not my heart. I want her to live a life full of good energy and the satisfaction of living, and that is exactly what I want for her. Teach them to laugh and not take life too seriously. Thank you for reading

Laide Bakare’s tweet sparked some nice comments from people who praised the mother-daughter connection on her social media.

Laide Bakare criticized her ex-husbands Alhaji Mutairu Atanda Orilowo and Olumide Okufulure for being absent fathers, according to Kemi Filani news.

The three-parent woman has two children from previous marriages—boys with her second husband and a daughter with her first.

They were referred to as “Awon ex-husband isonu” by Laide Bakare.

She claimed that although her ex desired torment and ruin in her life, God prevented it.

Laide Bakare declared that since God had already fought her wars, she wouldn’t engage in combat with them.


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