Adele Roberts cancer. Does Adele Roberts have bowel cancer?


of BBC Radio 1 DJ has disclosed her struggles with Bowel cancer. Giving an update on her prognosis, the star also shared her initial symptoms. This revelation by the star has sparked a great deal of support from many key individuals.

There are people who have suffered from bowel cancer who are sending in their support to Adele Roberts. Many have encouraged her not to lose hope. She told news outlets

What Adele Roberts said about her condition 

Adele told ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB): “It was a shock; I didn’t realise I could get cancer and I know that sounds silly. Because now I know it can happen to anyone at any age. But I was much vegetarian, I ran all the time, I tried to keep fit and well and eat the right things. I started to notice my digestion started to get a bit funny.

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What happened after she was diagnosed with bowel cancer?

She has undergone surgery, stoma and chemotherapy since she was diagnosed. It is very prudent that she was diagnosed and handled earlier enough.

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