AFCON: “God no go shame us”: Pastor Jimmy Odukoya reacts after Super Eagles defeat

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Pastor Jimmy Odukoya, the official Super Eagles chaplain, has finally replied to Nigeria’s loss to Cote d’Ivoire in the championship match.

Pastor Odukoya lauded the Eagles in a viral video on his social media pages, claiming their performances at the 2023 AFCON made the country proud.

He said that their performance made Nigerians very happy, loved, and joyful despite the difficult times the country was going through.

This time, Pastor Odukoya was not able to humiliate the opponent of the Super Eagles, unlike in his prior post-match films.

In his post-match video, the Nigerian preacher urged Nigerians to thank their warriors for their gallant efforts in Côte d’Ivoire.

He also guaranteed Nigerians that the Super Eagles would return better and stronger.

“We have already won” – Jimmy Odukoya 'declares' for Super Eagles ahead of semi-finals clash against South Africa

Here are some of the comments that trailed pastor Odukoya’s video:

@to.yinnn: “Kudos to Nwabali, he performed well tonight. I am still proud of being a Nigerian. We move.”

@randypeterz: “They can only win earthly things Rubbish, do der have Salvation? Thank you my Papa.”

@talkwithifytherapy: “If not that Nwabali is a good goalkeeper, they for don score us 10.”

@martha.vera: “Almost won the Grammy. Almost got Peter Obi. Almost get light. Almost won the AFCON. Are u guys almosters??”

@lizzygoldofficial: “Pls Dey didn’t play well today …am so disappointed.”

@tim.grage: “Just that phrase: WE ARE NIGERIANS!!! One day it will mean so much to every NIGERIAN! It means so much to me. WE ARE NIGERIANS!!!”

@myhairven: “The cup is not that fine sef it’s even plastic.”


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