“After 24 Years, A Woman Behaves In A Way That She Thinks Will Make You Stay Permanently” – Speed Darlington Says

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Most of us are familiar with the Nigerian singer Speed Darlington. Earlier on, he took to his Instagram page to disclose that women above 24 years of age who are yet to settle down, tend to portray a character that they believe will make their partners to still be with them in their relationships until they finally get married.

In a video he shared on his page, he said; “Science says after 24 years, there’s an alarm in a woman’s head that start telling her that she is getting old and she needs to find a man to marry. This need to find a man to marry, makes her to behave in a certain way, she behaves in a way that she thinks will make you stay permanently.”

“So she’s selling a character that is not truly hers. The older she gets she becomes good in her character selling, if she gets to 30, the more of a character seller she becomes. When you let her in, then she shows her true self.”

“Under 24 does not have alarm in the brain that tells her she is getting old, there’s no such fear, so she maintains her true self, no character selling, no pretending. 24 years and below, there’s no character selling, she’s being her true self, that’s why I’m looking for 22 years old, what you see is what it is, there’s no pretending.”

Check out the video below:


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