, better known as , has updated his marital status on Wikipedia.

According to report, the singer completed his traditional marriage rites with on Thursday, January 5th.

Davido has updated his marital status on Wikipedia in accordance with the traditional rites. Kemi Filani checked the singer's Wikipedia page and discovered that he has since updated his marital status to reflect the name of his wife.

Following the death of their son, Davido and Chioma had their traditional wedding, according to report in November.

According to sources, the singer secretly married Chioma after their son died.

The traditional wedding was held in his father's home, with only a few family members in attendance and no cameras allowed.

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Chioma's bride price had been paid in full, according to report

Remember that Davido had planned to marry Chioma next year, but after the tragedy, the singer married her right away.

On November 6th, a traditional wedding was held to console Chioma and assure her of her place with Davido.

Because of the tragedy surrounding their marriage, Davido was unable to perform his Umunna rites, and as a result, he and Chioma were not legally married under Igbo law.

After Completing Traditional Marriage Rites With Chioma, Davido Updates His Marital Status On Wikipedia.

Source: Vimbuzz.com
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