It would be remembered that described the traits she looks for in a man a few months ago.

Uriel, a chef who has often complained that she needs a man in her life, revealed on her Instagram story that she won't date a person who doesn't eat well.

The reality television star had earlier declined the chance to discuss her heart's desire.

The wellness advocate, who has frequently discussed the ideal man, expressed gratitude to her creator for all that he has accomplished and prayed that she would start the new year with a billionaire husband while posting lovely birthday pictures.

“My husband should have a medium,” she continued. billionaire and a strong believer. I want 7 children. Without a doubt, I'll adopt after I have my [email protected]

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“You go wait tire”, fonukwokor responded in response to this. Even if you're an Uber driver, by the time you're ready, you leave I'm like that, marry. Simply put, “Dey play.

Wishing Uriel a happy birthday, Aladiautos wrote. May your wishes be fulfilled.

After Uriel Stated That She Wants A Billionaire Husband And Seven Children, Fans Attacked Her.

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