AJ McLean Sheds His ‘Dad Bod,’ Shows Off Fitness Journey Amid Sobriety

’s diligent effort is paying off! The 44-year-old Backstreet Boys vocalist is dumping his beer gut and flaunting a fit constitution in new one next to the other change photographs.

“There’s nothing on earth figured I wouldn’t do minimal legacy Thursday flows,” McLean posted. “Found the pic on the left from a year prior an extended get-away and wow it’s astonishing what a little commitment and defining objectives can accomplish for an individual. However, the excursion is not even close to finished. This is only the start! #healthylifestyle #sober #nomoredadbod! How about we go! On the off chance that I can make it happen so can you!!”

McLean has said that he became level-headed in December 2019 and will celebrate three years of restraint this year.

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In a meeting with ET in March 2019, McLean implied that setting out on an excursion of well-being extremely important to him – – especially since becoming a dad.

“Becoming a dad makes a huge difference. For certain individuals, they go the alternate way – – grow up first, then, at that point, have children. Yet, I dove in head-first and I love being a father,” he said at that point.

“[Addiction] has caused me to need to search internally, which I believe is what a many individuals who haven’t completely developed are deficient with regards to,” he added. “That is something I’ve battled with for a really long time. I put my family first, then I put my work, then some place down the line is me. I’m easing back learning … that it’s alright to put me before every last bit of it since, supposing that I’m disturbed and sound, how is it that I could be the dad and spouse that I genuinely realize I am and need to turn out to be far superior at? On the off chance that I’m upset or solid, the wide range of various stuff is in the long run going to go bye.”

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Being an incredible dad remains McLean’s first concern. As he praised his little girls’ most memorable day of school last month, he and spouse Rochelle Karidis shared how they are assisting with supporting their oldest as she endeavors to “advance in this insane world!”

In an Instagram Story post last week, Karidis tended to several’s 9-year-old girl and why she mentioned to have her name changed from “Ava” to “Elliot.”

“For those inquiring… not that it’s anybody’s business,” she starts, “yet Elliot’s name change isn’t an orientation thing. ‘Ava’ has changed her name many times since she was around five. Last year she requested that we begin calling her Elliot and it stuck. She needed something remarkable that no other person had. (There are so many Ava’s.)”

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Rochelle proceeds, “I didn’t actually see the mischief in regarding her longing to be exceptional. On second thought, it’s somewhat odd that as guardians we pick names for individuals we haven’t as yet even met and anticipate that they should perpetually [identify] as that individual! so that is the manner by which Ava became Elliot.”

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