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Ajagurajah Concedes Defeat To Osebo In Their ‘Beef’ And Proclaims Him Fashion Messiah, Shares Hilarious Reason

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A few days ago, Ajagurajah came out to announce that he is ready to dethrone Osebo the fashion god of the land. He said that he knows how to wear clothes that will bring out his trend of fashion more than what Osebo is doing. The challenge started with each of them posting what he wears.

This has been there for a while, at this point Ajagurajah has thrown in the towel saying h thinks it is the best thing to do at the moment. In his words- Ladies and gentlemen, loyal supporters, at this juncture, I think the brave thing to do is to cede the Title of Fashion Messiah to my brother Osebothezaraman.

We have had a wonderful contest no doubt but we all know my specialty is Spirituality, so I need to leave the fashion business to him. Thank you for all the love. It was great because of you guys,”

This decision was reached after he saw Osebo dressed in a Pharoah-like outfit.



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