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Akwaaba App Partners with Creators Festival to Enhance Travel and Local Discovery Experience

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Akwaaba App, the groundbreaking AI-driven travel exploration platform, is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the highly anticipated Creators Festival. This strategic partnership marks a dynamic fusion of technology and creativity, bringing forth a unique opportunity for users to explore local gems and businesses during the festival.

About Akwaaba App:

Akwaaba App is at the forefront of revolutionizing travel exploration. Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, the app creates personalized travel plans, optimizing the user’s experience while uncovering often overlooked local treasures. From providing insights on current events to offering tickets to various shows and recommending hidden gems, Akwaaba App is dedicated to enriching travel experiences.

Why Collaborate with the Creators Festival:

The synergy between Akwaaba App and the Creators Festival is rooted in a shared commitment to innovation, discovery, and community support.

The festival, known for celebrating and empowering creators, aligns seamlessly with Akwaaba App’s mission to enhance local businesses’ discoverability and connect users with unique, community-driven experiences.

By joining forces with the Creators Festival, Akwaaba App aims to:

1. Amplify Local Discoveries: Through the festival, Akwaaba App intends to spotlight local gems and businesses, providing festival-goers with an immersive experience that goes beyond the event itself.

2. Foster Community Engagement: The partnership emphasizes a shared dedication to community growth, as both Akwaaba App and the Creators Festival believe in leveraging technology to connect people and businesses.

3. Empower Local Travel Experts: Akwaaba App’s collaboration with the festival aims to showcase and support local travel experts, reinforcing the importance of community-driven insights in travel planning.

Commenting on the Collaboration;

We believe in showcasing the vibrant culture, unique businesses, and untold stories that often go overlooked. Akwaaba App is not just a travel guide app ; it’s a powerful utility designed to amplify local businesses, offering travelers and locals alike a curated, trustworthy experience. Join us in reshaping the narrative and unlocking the true potential of African cities through Akwaaba App.”

  • Bismarck Yeboah-Kordie
  • CO-CEO

About Creators Festival:

The Creators Festival is a dynamic celebration of digital innovation and creativity, uniting content creators, influencers, and tech enthusiasts. It serves as a platform to empower and celebrate the vibrant creators’ community while fostering collaboration and innovation. The 3 days festival has many parked activities ranging from creators tour, Content creation workshop to the main event conference. The main event is scheduled on 25th November 2023 at Silver Bird Accra mall 9am.


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