Al Roker Illness: What Sickness Does Al Roker Have?

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Al Roker said on Thursday that he has returned home after a second protracted hospital stint.

Blood clots in his leg and lungs forced the “Today” show co-anchor and meteorologist into the hospital for the first time last month. He was apparently taken back to the hospital after being first discharged on Thanksgiving owing to “complications.”
Roker had revealed earlier on Thursday morning that he was “Hopefully soon returning home, but if your spirits dip a little you get to see that and rejuvenate. God bless you all for your kind thoughts and prayers for my family and I.”

Al Roker Illness: What Sickness Does Al Roker Have?

Roker missed a few weeks of broadcasting in 2020 because he had surgery to remove his prostate. At the time, Roker disclosed that although he had been given a prostate cancer diagnosis, it had been found early.

At the time, Roker said he made the decision to publicly share his diagnosis in order to inspire other people who could be at risk—particularly Black men—to make sure they see a doctor and receive the necessary examinations in order to prevent cancer that is very treatable if found early.


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  1. Janet Sansone Reply

    Al, you don’t remember me, but in 1990 (ish) I ran GE’s College Recruiting and University Relations. That summer, we had a intern group from HBCUs, and I brought them down to 30 Rock to tour the GE building. As we were walking through the halls, a young man was also walking talking with another GE employee. He took one look at my group, stopped and came back. He engaged the group of young men and women for several minutes talking to each and every one of them. That was you, Al. I’ll never forget your kindness that day, and, hopefully, neither will those students.

    Good luck in your recovery. The Today Show is nothing without you.

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