Alanna Lippa and Jennifer Oberer where are they now?


Brittanee Drexel was then 17 years old when two girls, Alanna Lippa and Jennifer Oberer, invited her to go on a spring break with them. The girls were from Chili, New York and were planning to head to Myrtle beach for a supposed long weekend. Brittanee’s mom, Dawn Drexel, told her she could not go because she didn’t know the girls Brittanee would be going with and was afraid something bad might happen. Britanee Drexel later told her mom she was just staying with friends for the weekend instead, but really she went out to Myrtle Beach, and disappeared within just 2 days. There are many horrible theories as to what happened to Brittanee that breaks the heart. But it is an important story to tell, in the hopes justice will someday soon be served. This report was by Morbid: A True Crime Podcast.

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Alanna Lippa and Jennifer Oberer where are they now?

Alanna Lippa and Jennifer Oberer are no where to be found recently. These two girls lured Brittanee Drexel to the beach to be trafficked. They were accesories to the crime.



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