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On March 26, 2023, TikToker Alex Bodger in Vancouver recorded a terrifying incident. Paul Stanley, 37, was attacked by a man who was later identified as Inderdeep Singh Gosa outside a Starbucks.

The man was reportedly attacked in front of his little kid and wife. Alex Bodger, who was present at the moment outside the coffee shop, also caught the incident on camera and is even seen smiling in it.

Alex’s videos and images have been going viral on social media. For both the footage and what appears to be a selfie taken in close proximity to the victim’s body, the TikToker is currently receiving heavy criticism.

One social media user even referred to his actions as being typical of the “narcissistic TikTok generation.”

Alex Bodger Starbucks Stabbing Video

Alex Bodger, who goes by the online alias Gora Pakora on TikTok, was present when the terrible incident outside the Vancouver Starbucks took place.

Online commenters are criticizing Alex Bodger for recording the incident and snapping selfies next to the deceased victim’s body. On social media, this was blasted as a careless action performed for two minutes of fame.


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