Alex Ekubo Prays Specifically To God

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IK Ogbonna criticized Alex Ekubo a few days ago for disclosing their discussions on social media. This came when the latter revealed their conversations, which had begun with a football comment and continued with their usual banter.

Alex posted the conversations online to inquire about his friend’s elementary school transcript after the latter spelt a word incorrectly.

For himself and on behalf of his colleagues who are creating waves without assistance or connections, Alex Ekubo has offered a specific prayer to God.

Furthermore, he pleaded with God to protect them from falling because they represent hope for many people.

Alex Ekubo Prays Specifically To God

The talented actor presented heartfelt applause to his coworkers who had excelled in their careers with the help of God’s grace and blood, sweat, skill, and vibrations over the years.

“Congratulations to all of us who started from scratch with no connections, inheritance, or backups because we are the plan A, B, or C. Just blood, sweat, abilities, vibes, and GOD’S GRACE.

Alex Ekubo posted on Instagram, “God please, don’t let us fall, we are the last line of defence for a lot of people.”


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