Alex Ekubo Reacts To Zubby Michael’s ‘I Can Buy Timini’ Statement, As He Host Them In His Home

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Alex Ekubo, a Nollywood star, has weighed in on the recent controversy generated by fellow actor Zubby Michael’s audacious “I can buy you” comment to colleague Timini Egbuson.

In a riveting video released on Alex Ekubo’s Instagram page, the dazzling movie star is seen gallantly welcoming the distinguished Zubby Michael into his home, where the two exchange regal pleasantries.

Playfully pleading with Zubby Michael not to buy him while in his modest residence, Ekubo was reacting to the latter’s caustic remark about Timini Egbuson from his participation on the television program “Ebuka Turns Up Africa.”

Zubby cleverly responded by jokingly saying that he wouldn’t contemplate purchasing Ekubo. After that, Alex took Zubby to his own cinema room and graciously fed him some delicious snacks.

Alex Ekubo reacts to Zubby Michael's ‘I can buy Timini’ statement, as he host them in his home

They enjoyed watching the events unfold together, especially Zubby’s unforgettable moments on the “Ebuka Turns Up Africa” show.

Zubby declared himself Africa’s ‘greatest actor’. He was promptly questioned by his coworker, Timini, who said that the Zubby is not larger than him.

Quickly after, to the amusement of Ebuka and the other show attendees, Zubby boasted that he had enough money to buy Timini.

In the taped show, Timini angrily retorted to Michael’s comment, stating that Zubby did not know enough about him to make such a claim.

Timini brashly asserted that Zubby and his Igbo colleagues openly display their opulent lifestyles and borrowed cars on social media, calling into question his claims.


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