Allen Buechel Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Funeral, Obituary

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Allen Buechel, the executive of Fond du Lac County, died on Sunday, March 27, 2022.

According to the Fond du Lac County website, Bechdel has been county executive since 1993 after

serving on the county board for 17 years.

According to his biography, he was the longest-serving county executive in the state of Wisconsin.

On April 4, 2017, Buechel was elected to his seventh term as County Executive.

He was in charge of developing and testing innovative programs like Family Care and Welfare Reform, as well as remarkably modernizing the county’s infrastructure,

Allen Buechel cause of death

He died a peaceful death per a report of his company’s Director of Administration, Erin Gerred.

His family and friends were present as he transitioned into the unknown.

Allen Buechel wife and children

Allen Buechel was married with children however at the time of this writing,

none of them have been documented.

Allen Buechel’s funeral and obituary

His funeral arrangements are being finalized and accurate venue details will be published soon.


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