Allysyn And Dotun Evicted From The Level Up House

and were evicted from the BBNaija House, while House Guests , Doyin, and also left the show.

Immediately after leaving the House, the House Guests spoke with Ebuka on stage about their experiences in the House. Doyin took the stage first, discussing her complicated relationship with the Level Up Housemates as well as her feelings for Chizzy. When Ebuka asked about her future with Chizzy, she replied, “I know he likes me, I think he is cool, but what we have is friendship.”

Eloswag was up next, and he talked about his ship with Chomzy. “I want to take things outside the House, but it depends on her,” Eloswag said in response to Ebuka’s question about the future of their ship.

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was the last of Biggie’s guests to appear on stage, and she also confirmed her interest in her relationship with Eloswag outside of the House. When asked about Eloswag, she stated, “It’s the same, we’re a thing, we’re still going on outside the House.”

Following a review of the previous week in Biggie’s House, Ebuka wasted no time in announcing that Allysyn had been Evicted from the House. The bald-headed lass spoke about her ship with and her time in Biggie’s House while on stage with Ebuka. When asked about Hermes, she stated that she will figure out their relationship once he leaves the House.

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While the Housemates were still reeling from the loss of four of their comrades, a second Eviction was announced, and Dotun was the victim this time. He spoke about his time in the House and how he truly feels about while on stage with Ebuka. “It’s Daniella, it has to be Daniella,” he said to Ebuka.

As House Guests Chomzy, Doyin, and Eloswag were escorted out of Biggie’s House, the Live Show began with suspense and drama. The Housemates were taken aback by what they had just witnessed and attempted to make sense of it.

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