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Amber Heard Plans To Appeal Johnny Depp Defamation Verdict, Can’t Pay $10 Million Judgment

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Amber Heard will pursue the decision from Johnny Depp’s criticism body of evidence against her.

“Totally,” Heard’s lawyer, Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, told Today’s Savannah Guthrie on Thursday when inquired as to whether her client intends to pursue Wednesday’s decision.


“Furthermore, she has a few brilliant justifications for it. We even had attempted to get the U.K. judgment in to excuse his case since he previously had his shot and that is one of the issues. Yet in addition, various evidentiary issues. There was such an excess of proof that didn’t come in.”


Following 14 hours of thoughts – – that traversed more than three days – – a jury collectively observed that Depp was stigmatized by Heard and that she “acted with real malignancy.” The jury granted Depp $10 million in compensatory harms and $5 million in reformatory harms. Depp’s corrective harms, nonetheless, were diminished by Judge Penny Azcarate to $350,000 as per the state’s legal cap.


Heard, as far as it matters for her, was granted $2 million by the jury in compensatory harms for her counterclaim yet nothing in reformatory harms. The jury found Depp obligated after his lawyer alluded to Heard’s cases as a “scam.”


When inquired as to whether her client can pay a $10.4 million judgment, Bredehoft answered, “Gracious, no. In no way, shape or form.”

During a meeting with CBS Mornings on Thursday, Bredehoft shared that Heard is “grief-stricken” by the decision.


“Perhaps the earliest thing she said when she returned from the decision when we went into the meeting room was, ‘I am so sorry to this large number of ladies,'” she told Gayle King. “She felt like she had let down these ladies since she had more proof than the vast majority do. But they actually didn’t trust her.”


Bredehoft says that the decision makes an impression on casualties of homegrown maltreatment. “Golden had a colossal measure of proof, albeit a ton of it was stifled for this situation rather than the U.K.,” Heard’s lawyer said, referring to the 2020 U.K. slander preliminary against the U.K’s. The Sun. In her meeting with Today, Bredehoft asserted Depp’s group gained from the U.K. preliminary to “deride Amber and smother the proof.”


“Yet, take a gander at every one of the ones who have no proof. This multitude of ladies who experience the ill effects of aggressive behavior at home, homegrown maltreatment – – they don’t have proof,” she said.

“Also, essentially what this jury said is except if you take out your cell and you copy your life partner beating you, you’re in really bad shape.”


Heard’s lawyer accepts there were things that might have been done any other way by her group. Nonetheless, she noticed that the preliminary was on camera and the “gigantic” virtual entertainment inclusion was not on Heard’s side.


” … Are any of us awesome? No. Is there something different we believe we ought to have done? Indeed. Totally. I generally, I re-try my closings multiple times subsequently, whether I win or lose. That is essential for being a decent legal counselor, a decent preliminary legal advisor is there’s continuously something,” she said.

“However, I feel that there were a ton of impacts here that were outside of our reach. Furthermore, I think the web-based entertainment, it resembled a Roman stadium, is the most effective way to portray the climate here.”


Heard still can’t seem to freely take a stand in opposition to the decision beyond a proclamation she delivered on Wednesday.

“The mistake I feel today is beyond anything that can be put into words,” the assertion read to some extent. “I’m devastated that the pile of proof actually was sufficiently not to confront the lopsided power, impact, and influence of my ex.


I’m considerably more disheartened with how this decision affects different ladies. It is a misfortune. It impairs the clock to when a lady who shouted out and stood up could be openly disgraced and embarrassed. It hampers that viciousness against ladies is to be treated in a serious way.”

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