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Andrews Leigh Net Worth And Salary

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Andrew Leigh was born on August 3, 1972, and he is a popular Australian politician, author, lawyer and ex-professor of economics at the Australian National University.

He is presently the Assistant Minister for Treasury, Charity, and Competition. In 2013, he temporarily served as Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s Parliamentary Secretary, and from that year to 2019, he was the Shadow Assistant Treasurer.

From 2010, he has served as a Labor representative in the Australian House of Representatives, first for the Fraser seat until 2016 and then for the Fenner seat following that.
Leigh is not a part of any Labor Party group.

The houses of social activists “in the Christian socialist tradition” are where Leigh’s parents, who are both professors, both grew up. A Methodist clergyman with apparent communist inclinations was his father’s paternal grandfather.”

Notwithstanding their disagreement with God, Keith believed they had the right intentions.” When Pol Pot and Augusto Pinochet’s governments in Chile and Cambodia were in power, Leigh’s maternal grandfather, a boilermaker and Methodist lay preacher, housed a steady stream of refugees in the family’s spare room.

Andrews Leigh Net Worth And Salary

Andrews Leigh has an estimated net worth of $15 Million and he has a base salary of $119,206.30.

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