Angus Cloud head injury – What happened to Angus Cloud’s head?


American actor Agnus Cloud was born on July 10, 1998. might have noticed him in the HBO series Euphoria which brought more actors into the limelight.

Fortunately for him, that’s where he got his popularity and fame from, just like the other people who were in the movie.

He went to school at Oakland School of Arts. His program is not revealed but he did not study acting as a program though. He had the chance of venturing into the Euphoria cast when one of the producers picked him up.

Everyone is conscious at a point in life in other not to fall prey to scammers. He initially didn’t believe he was going to be on the film until he started filming.

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What Happened To ’s Head?

Angus has no problem with his head in real life. He has not encountered any problems that have led to him suffering from the head.

It is in the movie Euphoria, that he had a scar around that area and sustained it due to his grandmother accidentally hitting him with a crowbar that was meant for three men whom she accused of stealing her money.

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