Anita Joseph Receives A Severe Warning From Ruby Ojiakor.

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Ruby Ojiakor, a Nollywood actress and film producer, has criticized Anita Joseph, a senior colleague.

Ruby Ojiakor strongly ordered Anita Joseph not to question her about not congratulating her on her Instagram page.

Ruby claims that Anita Joseph questioned her in her direct messages (DMs) about not celebrating her birthday in January.

She said that even though Anita Joseph is not in her league, she always recognizes others for their accomplishments.

Ruby pointed her that she expected Anita Joseph to celebrate her when she bought her mother a new home but that she didn’t.

Ruby threatened her, saying she shouldn’t ask her about that till the world ended.

“I have no idea how people perceive others or how they perceive you or your fellow human beings. I have no idea how people think. Because she respects and loves everyone, Ruby Ojiakor, everywhere.

Don’t try to argue with me about not praising Anita Joseph until the end of the world since I made this film in her honor. Don’t try it again, don’t call, and don’t send DM.

I don’t honor you according to your accomplishments. I support you if you support me. I will celebrate you if you celebrate me.

Anita Joseph Receives A Severe Warning From Ruby Ojiakor.

You didn’t celebrate me brilliantly since I am not on your level, even though I constructed a house for my mother. Then you have the right to ask me why I didn’t acknowledge your birthday. Did you share my celebration? You want me to acknowledge you now.

“One good turn deserves another,” she stated in the video’s caption. Because nobody can predict the future, stop being condescending to others.

In other words, “what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.”


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