Ann Cotton Family: Husband, Children, Parents, Siblings

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On October 31, 1832, Mary Ann Cotton was born in a little village in North England. Mary Ann Cotton, an Englishwoman whose killing spree included her own husbands, a lover, and multiple children, must be mentioned in any discussion about the most infamous serial killers in history.

Cotton’s overall number of kills throughout her 21-year terror reign was the same. Her preferred weapon was poison more specifically, arsenic which caused symptoms akin to upset stomach and allowed her to elude detection for twenty years.

Cotton’s life was a succession of marriages, and she killed mostly to get insurance money. Her attractiveness and charisma drew men to her, and she generally married wealthy ones. Once she became weary of them, she would casually put poison in their food or beverages and leave without raising any red flags, making off with the insurance money.

Cotton killed more individuals in the later years of her killings because of her heightened overconfidence, and ultimately someone became suspicious of the fact that deaths were occurring everywhere she went for the same reason. People were horrified and appalled to learn of her sinister past once she was eventually imprisoned for the death of Charles Cotton, her stepson from her previous marriage. She was hanged until death in 1873.

Ann Cotton Family: Husband

Online sources with a good reputation state that Cotton was married to four different men. At the age of 20, Mary Ann tied the knot for the first time with William Mowbray, a labourer.

Following the passing of her first husband William in 1965, she began seeing George Ward and eventually got married to him. Following George’s passing, she wed James Robinson. One day, James grew suspicious of Cotton and threw her out of his home. She eventually went bankrupt as a result. Afterwards, Cotton married Frederick Cotton.

Ann Cotton Family: Children

Cotton had 13 children. Cotton was only found guilty of one murder, but it is thought that she was a serial killer who killed many more people, including 11 of her 13 children.

Ann Cotton Family: Parents

Margaret Robson, née Londsdale, and Michael Robson, a colliery sinker, welcomed Mary Ann Robson into the world on October 31, 1832, in Low Moorsley, County Durham.

Ann Cotton Family: Siblings

According to reports, Cotton had a sister named Margaret, but she passed away a few months after she was born. The identity of the rest of her siblings remains hidden.

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