“Any Romance Without Finance Will Lead To Annoyance” — Blessing CEO Speaks On Relationships

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Blessing CEO, a self-proclaimed relationship therapist, shares his ideas on partnerships that seek to thrive without financial assistance.

The therapist made this statement at an open table discussion with three other people on a Pulse TV program.

She says that the role that men play in society is to provide and assume responsibility, which sets men apart from boys.

According to her, any relationship’s success depends on supply.

Because dating at their level makes it easier to provide if their partner is within their means, Blessing demanded that more men date at their level.

She argued that women provided more than men, especially in traditional African households.

The relationship therapist argues that while most women can care for themselves, once they do so on a regular basis, guys become sluggish and unwilling to offer.

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In other news, Talented Nollywood actor Timini Egbuson meets the woman who begged for him on Valentine’s Day after a video of them cuddling went popular on the internet.

When the woman identified as Moyo on X boldly told the Nollywood actor that she wanted him for Valentine’s Day, she showed courage.

However, the actor had told her that he was unclear if she wanted him, but that he could purchase her gifts. He then requested her to become his Val.

Following their online exchange of Tweets, the two were featured in a viral video.

The lady and Timini met at a movie premiere, where the actor handed her a magnificent bouquet of flowers.

She took to social media to say …

“Timini got me flowers, y’all,”

He reacted with …

“Glad you liked them; you look lovely.”


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