Apply The Element Of Surprise Before Marrying – Reno Omokri Advises

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Controversial Nigerian writer and lawyer, Reno Omokri has advised people who are in a relationship and heading towards marriage to make use of the element of surprise in order to find out the real identity of their partner before tying the knot.


In a post shared on his Instagram account, Reno Omokri advised that people who are dating pay surprise visits to each other and inspect how they behave under the thick layer of disguise they may have put on in order to impress their partners.



He went on to say that all married people should try as much as possible to eliminate any kind of connection between their exes and themselves to prevent them from going back to them once they encounter a problem with their current partners.


“Dear singles, the element of surprise is a military maneuver you should apply before marrying anyone. Pay surprise visits to whoever you are dating. See their toilet and kitchen. It will teach you a lot about the true person behind the public image they portray.

And when you eventually marry, the adage that you shouldn’t burn bridges does not always apply. When you marry, there are some bridges you should burn.

Burn bridges to your exes. If you don’t, whenever you and your spouse quarrel, you may be tempted to recross that bridge”.

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