Arat Hosseini Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Height, Now, Six Pack, Gender, School, Instagram

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Arat Hosseini was born on September 30, 2013, in Iran. His family moved to England when Arat was 5 years old. Arat joined Liverpool Academy and trained with them until January 2022 when Arat made an announcement to existing the training Academy.

Arat has gained popularity on social media for different purposes such as his well-chiseled physique at 9 and his talented football craft on the football pitch.

Arat Hosseini Wikipedia

Arat Hosseini’s biography is yet to be featured on Wikipedia.

Arat Hosseini Age

Arat Hosseini is 9 years old.

Arat Hosseini Parents

Arat’s dad is reportedly called Mohammed. However, his mother’s name is unknown. There is not much information about his parents.

Arat Hosseini Net Worth

Arat Hosseini’s net worth is around $ 800,000.

Arat Hosseini Height

Arat is 1.17 meters tall.

Arat Hosseini Now

Since Arat Hosseini made his existence at Liverpool Academy, there is not much information about what he is doing now.

Arat Hosseini Six Pack

Arat Hosseini even at 9 years old, has trained so well, he has a well-built body like Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone etc.

Arat Hosseini Gender

Arat Hosseini is a boy.

Arat Hosseini School

For privacy and security purposes, his school has not been revealed.

Arat Hosseini Instagram

Arat Hosseini’s Instagram is managed by his dad. He goes by the name @arat__hosseinii on his Instagram.


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