is widely known for being an actress.

Aniston also appeared as a guest appearance as a psychiatrist in the second season premiere of the ABC sitcom Cougar Town in 2010.

It generated excitement when she revealed she will appear on Cougar Town and was called her return to television. “[Her role] is a charming little, and it underscores just how much Jennifer Aniston is built to be a TV star,” The A.V. Club stated.

She co-starred with Adam Sandler in the romantic comedy Just Go with It as an office manager who pretended to be the wife of a plastic surgeon, and she also portrayed a sexually aggressive dentist in Horrible Bosses.

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Horrible Bosses and Just Go with It both earned more than $100 million in North America and $200 million globally.

Are And Jennifer Aniston Still Friends?

Even 15 years after going through one of Hollywood's most public breakups, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are still “buddies.”

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