Are Drake and Meek Mill friends?

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Given the fact that Drake and Meek Mill had their beef in the past, people want to know if they are friends?

Well, YES! Drake and Meek Mill are friends now. They have smoked the peace pipe and are getting along smoothly.

In an interview with Vulture, Meek speaking on his friendship with Drake said they have squashed all the feud between them and all bygones are now bygones.

“Me and Drake have actually been communicating for the last year. Even before I went to prison. It was based on the right time. We ain’t have nothing going on but a rap beef, we didn’t cause harm to each other,” Meek said. “I’m moving off love right now, so it was only proper to link with someone I actually did business with before and called my friend before.”, he said.

The duo reunited on the Aubrey and the Three Amigos tour. He said their reunion was real and a collaboration is possible in the near future.

“I think that’s possible. [Our performance together] was genuine. We didn’t just do it for the love of the people ‘cause we could’ve been done that. We waited until we were ready and did that,” he said

So there you have it. Drake and Meek Mill are friends and they are very close buddies now with a possible collaboration coming soon.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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