Are Emma Corrin And Harry Styles Friends?

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Harry Styles’ showbiz circle is full of A-listers and it seems he has added one more spot for his new friend “The Crown’s” Emma Corrin. The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer and his co-star are believed to have first become aquatinted in 2019 through their friendship circles as they have mutual friends.

Emma was introduced to the former One Direction star when she attended one of his gigs in 2019. From then, they have been close and then started working alongside each other in the movie adaptation of the novel My Policeman.

Fans have been wondering how they first met and how long they’ve been pals. Here’s everything we know about Harry and Emma’s supposed friendship.

Are Emma Corrin And Harry Styles Friends?

Pictures certainly speak a thousand words as a photo of Harry and Emma popped up in the media. Proving they could be ultimate besties, they posed for a pic between scenes of the movie adaptation My Police Man in Brighton.

Fans of both celebrities have recently shared pictures of them while on set, gushing over their closeness and bond. The pair looked like they had a great time filming together and we can’t wait to see the film!

Aside from having mutual friends, Emma has the same stylist as Harry, so it’s quite a nice link between them. However, they’re both private people so no one seems to realize they are actually just friends.

When Emma recently sat down with British Vogue, the Princess Diana actress talked about her excitement to work with her good friend, Harry. She further revealed she was “really excited about working with Harry because we’re so close.”

Filming for My Policeman started in April this year, and we can’t wait to see their wholesome friendship blossom even after it’s all done!


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